Box League Rules

  1. Matches to be played between 1st March and 31st May and best endeavours should be made by all players to complete all matches.
  2. The league is predominately to be played on indoor courts; however outdoor courts can be used if mutually agreed by both players.
  3. Players must be on court and ready to play no later than fifteen minutes after the agreed start time. If any player is not ready to play after fifteen minutes of the agreed start time, unless mutually agreed by both players to start late or rearrange the match for another time, they shall forfeit the match 9-0 and concede two points.
  4. Both players are to bring a new unopened can of ITF approved balls to each match unless mutually agreed by both players to play with used balls. Toss to see which balls will be used prior to warm up. Winner takes the unopened can of balls and the loser keeps the used balls.
  5. Matches to be played as a single “Pro Set” to 9. If games are tied at 8 all a tie break to 7 (with 2 clear points) should be played. If court time runs out before a player reaches 9, the match should be resumed at the same score on another court or at another time mutually agreed until completion of the match. If the match cannot be rearranged until it is fully completed and the players agree a draw, one point shall be awarded to each player.
  6. Immediately following the end of each match, enter the score in the horizontal box in the opponent’s column with your own score first. The winner should ensure scores are filled in for both players.
  7. If any player fails to appear at the agreed time and date arranged or cancels an arranged match and the match cannot be rearranged at a different time, the opposing player shall be awarded a Walkover win 9-0 and receive two points. A circle should be placed around the 9-0 and 0-9 on the results sheet to show it was a Walkover.
  8. Any match that hasn’t been played for any other reason than rule 3 or 7 above, shall be recorded on the results sheet as NR and both players will receive zero points.
  9. The top two players of each Division will be promoted and the bottom two relegated at the end of the season. An exception to this may arise following either the withdrawal or addition of players, in which case the number of players promoted and/or relegated will be at the discretion of the Organiser.
  10. If two or more players in the same division tie on equal number of points, for promotion, relegation or the Divisional Champion, the higher placed player shall be determined as follows:
    1. The player with the highest number of total games won shall be awarded the highest league position of the tied players.
    2. If the total games won is equal, the lowest number of games lost shall be awarded the highest league position of the tied players.
    3. If the total games lost is equal, the winner of the head to head match between the tied players shall be used to determine the highest placed player.

Trophy and prizes will be awarded at the end of the season for all divisions.