Club Championships

Five events have been held annually to determine the Champion Player or Doubles Team of the Club since it first opened in 1999. Open categories are contested in Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 curtailed the 2020 tournament so it was played during the months of September & October 2021. The only proviso was that you must have been a member of DL Derby at some point during the 2020 calendar year to enter.

The Format

All tournaments will be run as a knockout* with a consolation draw for those players who lose their first round. This should mean that players get to play in a minimum of at least two matches.

The aim of this is to make it more inclusive for players of varying ability. This way you should get at least one match against someone of a similar standard after testing yourself against the better players or pairings within the club.

* If there are three players/teams entered in a particular category the tournament will be run as a Round Robin event rather than as a Knockout.

The Rules

So that the matches can be played in a reasonable amount of time, we’re going to use the ‘Best of 2 Tiebreak Sets and a Match Tiebreak (to 10 Points with 2 clear)’ scoring system.

So that’s normal sets with the first to 6 games and a normal tiebreak to 7 points (with 2 clear) if it’s 6 all for the first 2 sets. Then, if the match is tied at 1 set all, it will be a Match tiebreak for the deciding 3rd set. However, this time it’s the first to 10 points with 2 clear.

Arranging the Matches

You will receive a Play by Date and time for your match, which will be displayed on this website. This can be re-arranged between the two players/teams to suit you all, but your match will need to be played by that date or it will be decided by a coin toss.

Please remember that if you can’t play on the date provided, it is important that matches are re-arranged as soon as possible, so the match can have the best chance of being played. A full set of rules can be found by clicking the button below: