Club Championship Rules

  1. To enter go to
  2. There will be a Main draw with a Consolation draw in all categories. Players who lose their first match will be entered into the consolation draw automatically and best endeavours should be made to play all matches.
  3. Matches are predominately to be played indoors; however outdoor courts can be used if mutually agreed by both teams.
  4. All matches are best of 2 tiebreak sets with a match tiebreak to 10 (with 2 clear points) for the 3rd and deciding set. Tiebreak to 7 (with 2 clear points) in the first two sets if tied at 6 all.
  5. Play by dates must be adhered to. It is the responsibility of both teams to ensure their match is completed by the Play by date displayed on the website. Failure to play your match before this date will result in your match being decided by a coin toss. This is to ensure all matches are completed in a timely manner.
  6. If a team offer their opponents three reasonable dates/times to play without agreement and no reasonable counteroffer is made, then that team has the right to claim a walkover.
  7. If any team fails to appear at the agreed time and date arranged or cancels an arranged match and the match cannot be rearranged before the Play by date on the website, the opposing team shall be awarded a Walkover and progress to the next round.
  8. When booking a court for your match, it would be advisable to try to book 2 x 60 minute sessions if possible and keep warm up time to no more than five minutes, to allow best chance to complete your match.
  9. If your match is not completed by the end of your court time, then move to another court to finish the match if one is available. If no courts are available, you will need to rearrange for another time and start at the point you left off. If you can not rearrange the match before the Play by date on the website, then the match shall be decided by a coin toss.
  10. Teams to bring a set of balls each and agree on which ones to use before the match. If undecided, toss a coin. Balls should be in new or nearly new match playing condition. If needed, new balls can be purchased from reception and the cost split between the teams.
  11. Results should be posted on this website and on the WhatsApp group immediately following the match by the winning team, so those waiting to arrange the next round will know the result.
  12. Seedings will be based upon players LTA ratings where applicable. If two teams have the same rating, seeding will be decided by the Head Coach.